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Melissa Cowie Design

started as an act of love. 


It was while Melissa was discussing the design of a ring that she came into contact with the world of Jewellery Smithing. Melissa had asked her talented friend and Jewellery Smith, Sanne Bergsma, to consider her design and make a ring for her husband. Sanne was happy to follow Melissa's design and suggested that Melissa might want to help make the ring with her. This she did and so began Melissa's journey as a Jewellery Smith. 


Having learnt the basics from Sanne and wanting to learn more techniques Melissa enrolled at the Academy for Jewellery Smithing Ben van Helden, in Zeist. After more than two years of learning and practising she is now graduating(2018) and is looking forward to developing her personal style.


What inspires her, are forms that flow, modern architecture and having a sense of humour. She would consider her

style to be contemporary with a twist. Melissa works predominantly with silver and occasionally steps in to the world of gold.


As a well travelled New Zealander living in The Netherlands,

Melissa has a world of inspiration to design with. She looks forward

to designing and creating for you.

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